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Latihan Industri di Malaysia

December 27, 2019

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College Internships Available in Malaysia

Choosing to take part in Internship Malaysia to acquire international work experience is a great opportunity for any young professionals or university students. As a newly industrialized country, Malaysia is undergoing major economic development and businesses are booming. A little-known fact about Malaysia is that its economy is one of the most competitive in Asia, and is growing at a steady rate. Major industries to pursue in Malaysia are Environmental, Finance, and PR & Marketing. There are many platforms to look for internships, Kerija, being one of them. Visit their website to view the types of internships available.

Here are 4 popular internships that can be taken in Malaysia:

1. Engineering

Engineering is definitely a field that benefits from gaining work experience, thanks to its demanding nature. The internship will be styled depending on the field of engineering of their choice. Real work experience is highly valued by employers, and an internship will provide you with tasks to practically apply your technical expertise. The intern will also be given the chance to develop skills such as planning, problem solving, communication, and field work. The program will help the intern find the internship that will be the cornerstone of their engineering career.

Thanks to engineers, one can boast of high-speed internet capable of boosting productivity; well-built housing and sanitation systems for healthy living; good transport networks that make commuting for business and other purposes pleasant. And this is to mention but a few. In fact, engineering touches nearly every aspect of their lives. By helping to build and maintain all this much needed physical and digital infrastructure, engineers play a vital role in various sectors, such as in research, manufacturing, food production, healthcare, etc. There is no doubt whatsoever that there is a link between the engineering capability and economic development of any nation, and that engineering helps to fuel economic growth.

2. Business Development

Business development has most potential where there are room and potential for growth. Asia is the fastest-growing economic region in the world. They are seeing the large potential in the Asian market and moving to establish a foothold here. Business is booming like never before. This makes Asia an ideal environment to gain invaluable experience.

Businesses, especially big ones, serve as an anchor of economic stability in every country of the world. This is because these businesses create a large number of jobs in different sectors, and these jobs, in turn, generate income for the masses that then channel it back into the system again by purchasing goods and services from businesses, thus creating a symbiotic circle that drives the economy.

However, a business cannot be an anchor of economic stability if it’s not acquiring new customers, selling more products and services to existing ones, and growing in other ways.
Since a healthy economy requires the growth and sustainability of businesses within it, the role of business development in any economy is therefore a vital one.

Business failure negatively impacts not only the owners of the business, but also the inhabitants of the locality in which the business is situated. By helping companies generate more business, business developers ensure that this company remains fit and prosperous; and when it is prosperous, the owner(s) of the company, and the community-at-large, profit.
When a community is thriving due to the presence of prosperous and sustainable businesses, its economy in general is positively impacted. Economic development simply cannot be sustained in the absence of successful business development.

3. Information technology

The information technology industry is forever growing and is dictating how we live in today’s modern world. For this reason, information technology internships in Asia are wide open, due to the high demand in the industry.
Interning in the IT sector in Asia will introduce you to a varied range of work areas including app and website development, database design, software engineering, and among others. You will also get to learn different aspects of the Asian culture as well as develop an international working experience that you can put on your resume.

4. Non-government organizations

There are a lot of different NGOs in Asia, varying from the improvement of less fortunate women and children to helping the improvement of the environment. There is always a sector in the NGO industry which one can find interesting and appealing to be a part of.Due to the fact that non-profit organizations are similar to for-profit ones in terms of day-to-day operations, and as a result usually require professionals in other fields such as accounting, project management, IT, and so on, to help run them, they represent a steady source of employment and the jobs they create help to sustain an economy.

Apart from employing specialists in non-profit and other fields, NGOs make use of third-party products (such as computers) and services (like phone and internet services) in the course of their day-to-day operations, just like other businesses.
This, of course, generates revenue for the manufacturers and distributors of such products and services, and makes a positive impact on the economy.

Nonprofits and NGOs also fuel other sectors of an economy indirectly by providing their employees with an income source.

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